So I recently stumbled upon this Amazing find! A monthly box filled with all things readers!

So since today is my last day in my 20s I decided to just go ahead and treat myself to this one. They have 3 different boxes to choose from, one for YA lovers and another for romance lovers that offers 2 books but only 2-4 goodies. Either way you can’t lose!

Now for the hard part. Sitting back and waiting for it to get in! I’ve seen some of the amazing things you can get in these boxes and I’m honestly on pin and needles to see what I get in mine. So for those who haven’t seen it Check it out. and here are a few of the past boxes so you can get an idea of what’s in them!

Don’t they just look awesome!! Anyway head over and check them out!! You can use the code bookwormsforacause and get 15% off! Happy shopping readers!

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So today starts my birthday month. Yes I get a FULL month! You only turn 30 once right? 😂 and to start it off I got this amazing mug in the mail Today

It is definitely an amazing start to this month! 💗 I’m lining up an amazing set of books to showcase this month!

I just found this book on Amazon for free if you are with Kindle Unlimited! So head over and grab yours and let me know what you think! 

Women say I’m trouble.
And well, they aren’t wrong.

1354573920Billionaire. Real estate mogul.
And insomniac.
Which is what led me to her.
She is beautiful.
Perfect kissable lips. Curves in all the right places.
She makes this country boy wanna throw her over my shoulder and make her mine.
There’s just one problem.
The girl who saved my life?
I don’t even know her name.
This game is harder than most.
But that girl, man, she’s a prize worth fighting for.

Wild and Free is the first of the Wilder Brothers Series, about five wild brothers and their quest for love. USA Today Bestselling Author Nicole Elliot really knows how to heat up the South in these books. Book 2, Accidentally Wild is also now available!


USA Today Bestselling Author, Nicole Elliot, is a superhero who writes steamy romance 81pn+3QvetL._US230_on the side.
Okay so maybe not totally true. But she does write romance, lots of it. And she loves every second of it.
She finally created a fan group on Facebook, she does post a lot of pictures of cats, you’ve been warned.
You can also join her Newsletter!
When you join you get to read a FREE full length novel from her as a thank you for signing up!


I am so excited that STEALING TRANQUILITY by J.L. Weil is available now and that I get to share the news!
If you haven’t yet heard about this wonderful book by Author J.L. Weil, be sure to check out all the details below.
This blitz also includes a giveaway for a $10 Amazon Gift Card, International, courtesy of J.L. and Rockstar Book Tours. So if you’d like a chance to win, enter in the Rafflecopter at the bottom of this post.


Dragon Descendants Series ebook1Title: STEALING TRANQUILITY Reverse Harem (Dragon Descendants
Book 1)
Author: J.L. Weil
Pub. Date: August 30, 2018
Publisher: Dark Magick Publishing, LLC
Formats: eBook
Pages: 180
Find it: Goodreads  | Amazon
Get ready to meet Jase, Kieran, Zade, and Issik, the last dragon descendants.
Olivia Campbell’s life gets turned upside down when her mother suddenly passes away. Left with only a stepdad who despises her, she turns to the streets. Penniless and alone in the Chicago winter,
how much worse can it get?

She is about to find out.

A chance encounter with a stranger who has the most breathtaking violet eyes changes her world. Just a warm smile and a quick flash of dimples is all that it takes to capture her interest in Jase Dior. Olivia wonders if her luck has finally returned. She soon finds out that Jase collects things—pretty girls to be precise. A glimpse of her sultry honey hair in an alley excites him. He must have her. And he isn’t taking no for an answer.

Jase sweeps Olivia off the streets to the Veil Isles—a mystical and hidden land uncharted by any mortal and ruled by the only dragon coven left in the world.
What the hell did she get herself into?

Four dragons. 
One headstrong heroine.
And a reverse-harem fantasy romance that could change the fate of a dying race. 
Stealing Tranquility will transport fans of Twilight, A Shade of Vampire, and
Shadowhunters to an enchanted world unlike any other. Prepare for a unique spin on the lore you love—and an adventure that is as thrilling as it is unexpected. 
Scroll up and BUY NOW to begin…
*Recommended for ages 17+ due to language and sexual content


Zade moved so he stood just slightly in front of me as if protecting me. Odd. Did I need protection from Jase? “Just making sure our little gem doesn’t get herself in trouble.”
Zade cocked his head to the side. “Isn’t that what we agreed on?”
The tranquility-breathing dragon stood inside the arched doorway, glaring at Zade with
a mean scowl—his eyes so dark they almost appeared black. “Yes, but that doesn’t
include you seducing her.”
“Since when do you meddle in my extracurricular activities?” Zade challenged him, with
an edge to his voice.
It was my turn to frown. I was no one’s extracurricular activity.
A growl rose up in Jase’s throat. He stormed to where Zade and I where awkwardly
standing. “She’s off limits.”
Golden God’s lips formed into a tight line. “You forget, Jase, you’re not king. There is no
single ruler of the Veil anymore.”
Things had escalated quickly, and I didn’t want these two going into the dragon ring
over me. “Hey!” I yelled, stepping between the two. Not the brightest of ideas, but at
the moment, it was all I could think to do. I didn’t want blood spilled over me.
A muscle began to thump in Jase’s jaw. “Keep your lips off her.”
Spreading my arms out wide between them, my hands flattened on their chests. “Okay.
First off, I can kiss whomever I want.”
Jase’s glower deepened.
I rolled my eyes. This was ridiculous. Framing Jase’s face with both of my hands, I rose
up on my toes and planted one on him, just to prove a point. The joke was on me.
The moment our lips met, all annoyance vanished from within me. My eyes fluttered
closed as I fell into the blissful storm that was all Jase. His lips were soft… and skilled,
expertly moving over mine. His hands came up to cup either side of my cheeks, and he
deepened what was supposed to be a peck. My mouth opened, letting him in, and a
purr sounded at the back of my throat as his tongue swept inside.
I’d never been kissed like this before—so passionately and fervently. My fingers
bunched his shirt, holding him in place just in case he got any ideas about pulling away. I
wasn’t done yet. Honestly, I never wanted to stop kissing Jase Dior.

Zade cleared his throat behind us. How had I forgotten about him? Jase pulled back, his
breath as ragged as mine.
I glanced up into his eyes, seeing the violet in them glowing brightly. “There. Are you
satisfied?” I rasped, swallowing a knot of yearning. No more kissing dragons.
“Not nearly.” Jase’s head dipped as if he was going to take possession of my lips again.
My hand pressed against his chest, keeping him just out of reach. “Oh, no. I think I’ve
kissed enough dragons today.” I could barely believe I had locked lips with two of them
within minutes of each other.
What is wrong with me?

About Jennifer:

USA TODAY Bestselling author J.L. Weil lives in Illinois where she writes Teen & New Adult Paranormal Romances about spunky, smart mouth girls who always wind up in dire situations. For every sassy girl, there is an equally mouthwatering, overprotective Jenniferguy. Of course, there is lots of kissing. And stuff.

An admitted addict to Love Pink clothes, raspberry mochas from Starbucks, and Jensen Ackles. She loves gushing about books and Supernatural with her readers.

She is the author of the International Bestselling Raven & Divisa series.
Website | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads | Amazon Author Page | Book Bub |

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1 winner will win a $10 Amazon Gift Card, INTERNATIONAL. CLICK HERE to enter!

22590615Everything about him warned me to stay away.

I’d seen bad boys before, but he had it all and more. The rippling muscles covered in tatts, the piercing eyes hiding dark secrets, the silky voice that could make a girl come with just a whisper . . .

He was exactly the type of guy that would get me in trouble, but when he jumped off the stage, inked skin glistening with sweat and breathed his seductive words into my ear, I couldn’t resist the temptation.

It was supposed to be the best one-night stand of my life, but fate didn’t let it play out that way. Things happened. I got upset. I got hasty. And worst of all, I got reckless.

After that disaster, I thought it was the last I’d see of him. But what I didn’t know was that I’d started something.

Something that could shatter the very thing I had worked so hard to protect.

I should have known back then that the most seductive things in life are also the most dangerous.


Priscilla West is a USA Today Bestselling author of the Forever series.

She enjoys: cuddles, men in suits, eskimo kisses, life-sized teddy bears, and eggs over medium.

Website | GoodReads | Amazon | Facebook | Instagram


I received this book for an honest review from Netgalley. 

This book has all the makings of every love story. Girl spots boy. Boy spots girl. Boy swoons girl with his singing skill. Girl losing her head over singing boy. Boy acts like a jerk and ruins the first meeting. Throw in the plot twist where boy and girl are thrown together for work, add in a mixture of drama due to both having trouble pasts. Add in a few supporting character roles and a lot more drama from an ex and BAM! There you have it insta love story right? Pretty much how this one goes. Only there are a ton of sweet, funny, serious, sad, and outright ridiculous moments as well. I enjoyed reading the book once I got past chapter 1. Because come on ladies, while we ALL love a sexy singer how many of us are actually going to pick a lock to get to him? How many of us are actually got to blank out time because he stopped in front of you and said “meet me back stage in 20 minutes.”

So yes I had a hard time wanting to continue reading once I started, but skip chapter 1 and the book is awesome. I enjoyed the light heartedness and all the characters. I loved the way Jax had his amazingly sweet moments.

He lifted my chin until our eyes were inches apart. “So I couldn’t – I couldn’t tell you before and still look in your eyes. But I had to make a choice. It was either my past or you. And I chose you”

I also like how Riley was full of spunk and never gave into his mess. Everything he dished, she was right there to dish back to him. It was defiently a great read. And I hate to say this is the first book of the authors that I have read! I will most defiantly grab up the rest of the series.

Reckless is book 6 in the Forever series. BUT it is the first book of Riley and Jax. Books 1-3 are Vincent and Kristen’s story and books 4-5 are Hunter and Lorrie’s. Fearless is book 2 to Jax and Riley’s story.

Make sure you grab these up! They are worth it!

  • Happy Reading!





Victoria Marshall is living a lie. She works for a member of the Knights of the Dragon, a secret society that traps and uses dragons for their own gain. As a child, she made an unlikely friend—a drakon. He went missing, and she’s spent the past twenty years searching for him. The only thing distracting her from her mission is Luther Henderson, her boss’s new head of security.

Luther is also living a lie. One, if discovered, could lead to a fate worse than death. He’s attracted to Victoria, but can’t fully trust her, doesn’t know if she’s truly innocent or a true member of the Knights. It’s not only his life at stake, but those of the people he loves.

As they’re thrust deeper into the dangerous dealings of the Knights, they each have to share their secrets in order to survive.


Amazon | Goodreads | B&N | iBooks


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Figured I’d give this a go! Bringing up the older reviews I’ve done since starting into this crazy world of books, bloggers, authors, publishers, and readers. Its been an amazing journey to be on and I’m happy to have had all of you on the ride!

Going all the way back to,… Nov. 30, 2014

Lawd at how our reviews have changed over time.


21613024I was asked to review this book from the author. She had read one of my earlier reviews of the Christmas bundle, and after reading the intro to the book I decided to give it a whirl, plus the author was extremely sweet!

The gist of this book is Quinn is searching for her brother, Peter. Yes that is the plot and that is what we spend of our doing. Quinn gets a lead that takes her to Flordia to a military base where she meets Kevin. They end up on this massive road trip together looking for Peter, they go from Alabama to New York to Norfolk only to get to Norfolk and found the wrong Peter. (Now in New York there happens to be a sex scene and truthfully I could have done without that scene. 2 days and they are already in bed? And that isn’t the bad part the conversation while they are doing it,… well it creeped me out. Here we are for the most part of the book without much dialogue and HOLY MOLY she said WHAT? He did WHAT? Yeah not my scene)

Anyway Christmas Eve rolls around and Quinn is ready to throw in the towel, but come on its Christmas and there is always a Christmas miracle right?

The book is oked written. I kind of wish some of the flow was better. There were times that there were awkward pauses, but for the most part it was a pretty good read. I kind of wish there was more though. The story just felt short and like we were missing things here and there.


22581024Will their love be strong enough to keep them alive and get them back to Earth?

Finding one’s psi-mate is something every Sandarian hopes for, but when Ian Cavacent accidentally starts the bonding process with the Earthling, Dani, he has to fight his desire with every ounce of his being. If the process is completed, it means both political and financial suicide for Ian and his family.

A natural klutz, Dani somehow always manages to land on her feet and win her mixed martial arts matches. At home on Cat Island, her balance is thrown when bazillionaire Ian takes notice. Unfortunately some Torog aliens also take notice, sending her life spiraling out of control and into Ian’s arms. But Dani isn’t the type of woman to let alien voodoo decide her future or her mate. . .no matter how gorgeous the man is or how much pleasure he gives her.

For centuries the Cavacents have mined Earth for a precious element, carnium, while protecting the planet from other alien species. Thanks to the Torogs, Dani and Ian must flee to Sandaria. As Dani learns to use her newfound psi powers, the empire crumbles around them.


About the Author

8333285A lifelong lover of books, Sabine grew up on Science Fiction, Fantasy and Romance novels.

As a child she wanted to be an astronaut and travel the stars looking for aliens. As an adult she’s seriously disappointed we’ve yet to establish so much as a moon base (although she gives a hearty nod to the ISS) and is pretty sure Humans aren’t ready to meet ET.

An Electrical Engineer and Cultural Anthropologist by training, she’s a geek with heart.

She’s lived in more states than she cares to admit and loves to travel. When not in far off lands, you can frequently find her walking the local beaches and plotting her next adventure.
Find her on FaceBook



This book set up this series to a great start. I loved Dani’s character. She is so… “normal” but still not normal at the same time. She is a normal girl. Pretty but not fall from grace beautiful. She is a clumsy ditz and I love it. Ian I hated. He was a huge jerk over half the time all because aliens and humans can’t be together, even when he knew Dani was his mate. Even when he knew she had powers as well. He still gave her the cold shoulder. It was frustrating. We get to meet many characters that I think will be important for the other books. I loved the amount of love, action, and suspense that the author gives us. I don’t want to spoil to much by going into details but this is one book you will want to check out.

*This is one series you will want to check out. The author introduces us to so many vivid planets and different animals and ways of life that you feel like you are apart of it. It is a beautiful world and one I am thankful I got to be apart! Make sure you grab up a copy of this series! You won’t be disappointed.*

21895426My name is Carrie. For the past fifteen years I have lived with an abusive monster that I feared I would spend the rest of my life with or worse would become my killer. But one night fate turned my entire world upside down, giving me a second chance at a new life. I was taken in by a friend I haven’t seen in years and thrust back into the path of a man that I thought I would never see again; forcing me to face the past and the one man I wish my heart could forget.

Andrew shows me the deepest, darkest side of passion, unleashing a side of myself I never knew existed. But everything comes at a price and will this be what finally costs me the man I have secretly loved my entire life?

I thought he would be the light in my life, that perhaps we could have back our moment in time that was stolen from us so long ago. But when Brian returns and secrets are exposed will our love be enough to withstand the ultimate test and the secrets Andrew’s kept hidden from me all these years? Or will I be forced back into the darkness that once consumed me?


I don’t really like to talk about myself, I would rather hear about you. But I guess if I had to8074528 say something about myself it would be that I am a Bay Area native. I have lived in the Bay my entire life. I am originally from Belmont but now live in Hayward.
When I’m not working with children, I can be found looking for my next great read or working on my next novel.
I can be reached by email at: I would love to hear from you!



First off let me start by saying I LOVED this book. While there are parts that left me wanting to know more information that wasn’t given I stayed on the edge of my couch while reading it. I started it one night and finished it that same night. I couldn’t put it down. I needed to know more about Carrie, Andrew, and even the villain Brian. Carrie spent 15 years in a relationship based on lies and abuse, she is one of the strongest women you read about. Her life is thrown apart when Brian tries to kill her and Andrew and his family comes to rescue her, but not all is what is seems and not everyone can be trusted. With Brian on the loose and others wanting her dead can Carrie come out on top? I can not wait for the second book in this series and I cant wait to see more of the other characters in the book. I do have questions left that are unanswered. What kind of “powers” do the women of the Enlightened Club have? Where did it come from? These are questions I hope are answered in the next book!

If you haven’t read this book or bought it, please do. You won’t be disappointed.