Figured I’d give this a go! Bringing up the older reviews I’ve done since starting into this crazy world of books, bloggers, authors, publishers, and readers. Its been an amazing journey to be on and I’m happy to have had all of you on the ride!

Going all the way back to,… Nov. 30, 2014

Lawd at how our reviews have changed over time.


21613024I was asked to review this book from the author. She had read one of my earlier reviews of the Christmas bundle, and after reading the intro to the book I decided to give it a whirl, plus the author was extremely sweet!

The gist of this book is Quinn is searching for her brother, Peter. Yes that is the plot and that is what we spend of our doing. Quinn gets a lead that takes her to Flordia to a military base where she meets Kevin. They end up on this massive road trip together looking for Peter, they go from Alabama to New York to Norfolk only to get to Norfolk and found the wrong Peter. (Now in New York there happens to be a sex scene and truthfully I could have done without that scene. 2 days and they are already in bed? And that isn’t the bad part the conversation while they are doing it,… well it creeped me out. Here we are for the most part of the book without much dialogue and HOLY MOLY she said WHAT? He did WHAT? Yeah not my scene)

Anyway Christmas Eve rolls around and Quinn is ready to throw in the towel, but come on its Christmas and there is always a Christmas miracle right?

The book is oked written. I kind of wish some of the flow was better. There were times that there were awkward pauses, but for the most part it was a pretty good read. I kind of wish there was more though. The story just felt short and like we were missing things here and there.


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